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    160m OE-Aktivitätsrunde

    6. November (OE4XLC)

Invitation – Three Regions Summits On The Air (SOTA) Activity Day

and Driving Rally Competition
Waldviertel – Mühlviertel – Jihočeský kraj

10th jun 2017

Organized by Austrian Military Radio Society Waldviertel (AMRSW)

Driving Rally Competition:

Destination: Nebelstein Chalet

Start: 08:30 hrs

End: 15:00 hrs

Frequency: 145,6375 MHz (inp 145,0375 MHz), Pilot Ton 88,5 Hz, Nebelstein Repeater.

Calling: „CQ Anfahrtswettbewerb“.

Data exchange: Callsign, RST, Home QTH, Home Locator.

The three most afar travelled participants get an award.

End Ceremony for the Driving Rally Competition: 17:00 hrs in the Nebelstein Chalet.

The Amateur Radio Club Station OE3XRC/p will call „CQ Anfahrtswettbewerb“ regularly beginning at 08:30 hrs and is stand by for all questions also concerning SOTA to support YL and OM.

SOTA Activity

This activity is asked to be concentrated in the recommended three areas

Waldviertel – Mühlviertel – Jihočeský kraj

For a proper coordination, the participants are asked to enter their intention prior to the contest in a form on the HP of the AMRS Waldviertel.

So each participant gets the advantage to know who is on which mountain. Various stations may be QRV on each mountain and make as many as possible Summits to Summits contacts.

Coordinated SOTA frequencies:

11:00 hrs – 11:30 hrs 433,500 MHz

11:30 hrs – 11:45 hrs 144,300 MHz

11:45 hrs – 12:00 hrs  50,170 MHz

We meet to conclude the event aprox 15:30 hrs in the Nebelstein Chalet. At this location,  the participants are given the oportunity to take a look on the tecnical equipment of the Nebelstein repeater station (OE3XNR) guided by Waldviertel Amateur Radio Club – WARC and organized bei AMRS Waldviertel.

The best way to the Nebelstein Chalet is via the villages Harmanschlag and Harbach-Hirschenwies. From the parking place you must walk about 300 meters uphill to the Chalet http://www.huettenguide.net/huetten/nebelsteinhuette (a flashlight for walking in the darkness could be necessary).

There is the possibility for overnight accomodation in the Chalet. You can organize it by calling the following number +43(0)2858 5293.

This event takes place independent from the weather conditions. But if the weather is bad we meet already at 14:00 hrs in the Nebelstein Chalet (earlier end of the ceremony
at 15:00 hrs ).

The SOTA Team of AMRS Waldviertel ADL 031 is looking forward to initiating nummerous activations and a successful conclusion of the event with many guests in the Chalet.

Head of ADL 031

Martin Engel OE3EMC


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